Pergola Make over

Lend A Hand

Today we were out in the northeast give an old shade cloth pergola so love.

Pulling down the old shade cloth, making some modifications to the frame and installing Smooth Cream Greca Polycarb Sheets. Giving this old pergola a new look and an undercover area away from the weather.

And what a beautiful day it was today to be on the roof.

Privacy Fence Addition

Lend A Hand

Do you have low neighbour privacy due to a low fence line??

Give us a call and we can either replace existing fence sheets with taller sheets. Or like in the case of this customer we just screwed them to the existing iron sheets. Giving the tenant some much needed privacy.


Wardrobe Weather Shield


We received this job from Mandy at Profile Wardrobes.

Their customer had just had some brand new Wardrobes installed; by Profile Wardrobes, in their open ended Garage. Which left the end section of wardrobe exposed to the elements.

Mandy got the customer to give us a call, and we installed a stylish partition Fence with Clear Plexiglass to keep out the wind and rain from that corner.

Henley Beach Home Refresh


Over the last three days Doug and Scott have been at this Henley Beach Home.

The owners wanted to have some work done before they started to rent out the property.

This included:

  • Fixing up some cornice work.
  • Minor fix to side fence.
  • Full Gutter Clean out.
  • Plus a bathroom, toilet and laundry refresh as they were looking abit under the weather.

After three days of TLC, its amazing the effect this change has had on the area’s.

If you have a run down home that needs a bit of a facelift don’t hesitate to give us a call.


We’re very proud of our association with Adelaide’s biggest and best Law Firm, Duncan Basheer Hannon. So it only makes sense that we take our littlest and best apprentice there to help with their general maintenance.

Angy at DBH Jun 2017 - 1Angy at DBH Jun 2017 - 2Angy at DBH Jun 2017 - 3

Drain Cover Repair


Tenants at this block of units had a drain cover that had surpassed its life, rusted and broken.

We popped by cut out some concrete and fit a new shinny one.

No Job is too small.

What odd jobs do you need doing????

Give us a call or send us a message.


IMG_20170503_091346 IMG_20170503_094058

Door To Wall Conversion


A CBD Based Company contacted us and asked if we could take out a door and replace it with a wall.

That is exactly what we did. Being an Old Adelaide building it threw us a few problems, but we got to the end product eventually. Once the painter come through it will look seamless, like its been there it’s whole life.

Shade Cloth Repairs


Do you have an annoying damaged Shade Cloth ? (Eg carport or verandah)

Has it sagged or been damaged in the crazy weather??

Give us a Call now and we can book a time to replace it, just like the one we did below.


Ceiling Water Damage Repair


Our Aircon Guy Flipped us this job after inspecting and fixing a leaking AC unit in the Roof space.

It had been leaking for quite some time. Which meant we had to cut out the damage and replace part of the ceiling.

Three part days later and you wouldn’t have realised there was any damage

Joslin Backyard Revamp


Over the last two days Doug and Scott have be at this lovely 1940’s home in Joslin doing some upkeep of the building and revamp of the back yard. They sweated it out putting in the hard labour in 39deg heat.

Jobs including –

  • Removing old AC unit from the wall and filling in the hole.
  • Removing the old brick water tank stand
  • Removing a 70-80 yr old orange tree
  • Removing an old Aviary and the concrete beneath it
  • Repairing and filling cracks in some internal walls (still need to be painted)
  • Repair of some storm water drains
  • Big clean up of their garden beds.
  • Dumping of a range of random junk around the property.